Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers an experience like no other. Now your clients can conceptualise and understand what is difficult to imagine from a picture or description.

How can VR help you?

Although you already know some practical uses of virtual reality in the real estate industry, you might still have doubts as to whether it’s worth it. Well, it is. And to prove the point, have a look at our list of some of the biggest benefits.

How can we help?

As you’ve already noticed, we understand the gap that is in the industry and we merely want to bridge it. Brand Star provides a wide range of VR services that enhances and intensifies each viewing experience for a client, each design approval for an architect and each lead that converts into a sale for a real estate agent. The following are the services we offer:

360 Virtual Tour - On site photos

Virtual tours engage the customer with an interactive and immersive environment, giving you the illusion of actually being inside the property from anywhere around the world.

3D Virtual Tour - Conceptualisation

What can be more enthralling than getting to see your dream home even before it is made? What about conceptualising your interior design before you move in?

360 Industrial Tour

Imagine your factory is based in one country and you go to an exhibition in another country. How do you show your clients your factory?

Virtual training video

The concept of ‘Smart worker’ is not just a myth anymore. Now, with the development in Virtual reality technology you can design your virtual environment and run a simulation

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